Carrol Forbes, (1908 – 1982) Founder and Executor

ISC Mission Statement

The purpose of the International Softball Congress* shall be to Create an interest in and promote men’s and boys’ fastpitch softball, to keep the game clean and free from objectionable features, to make it a sport that will be attractive to lovers of all clean competitive sports, and to provide a series of games that lead up to ISC championships.

*Exempt under section 501 [c] [3] of the Internal Revenue Code

Brief History

The ISC, as we know it today, began as the National Softball Congress in 1947. The National Softball Congress was founded in 1947 by LARRY WALKER of Phoenix, Arizona. Walker and others, including CARROL FORBES of Greeley, Colorado, were dissatisfied with some of the Amateur Softball Association’s policies. The NSC held championships for men and women and operated from 1947 through 1957.

The NSC operated from 1947 thru 1957. In 1950, Carrol Forbes left the NSC and formed the International Softball League. From 1951 thru 1957 both the NSC and ISL held championship tournaments.

The NSC ceased operations in 1957.

In 1957 Forbes brought some of the NSC’s administrators into his group and renamed it the INTERNATIONAL SOFTBALL CONGRESS.


(Listed by name, highest office held, year service began and ended and total years of service.)

*Carrol Forbes, Greeley, CO, Executive Director 1947-1982   36 years

*Marvin Casteel, Ogden, UT, Vice President 1947-1988   42 years

*Clyde Fortune, Waco, TX, President 1947-1974   28 years

*Paul Forche, Tulsa, OK, President 1947-1971   25 years

*Larry Walker, Phoenix, AZ, Executive Secretary 1947-1957   11 years

*John Wheeler, Greeley, CO, Treasurer 1951-1956   6 years

In addition to the founders, the following is a partial listing of officers, commissioners and specialists who have made a substantial contribution the organization. Many more individuals have served the ISC and have also made valuable contributions.   (“A” active; * deceased.)

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