January 30, 2020




January 31, 2020


Information, from the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau , concerning Motels, etc.,  will be available FEB 10.

January 8, 2020 – The International Softball Congress is currently looking to designate tournaments held in April, May and June as “Qualifiers” for the 2020 ISC World Tournament in the Quad Cities, IL/IA.

If you are interested in having your tournament designated as an ISC Qualifier, please contact the following the following as soon as possible:

Chris Santos, USA Vice President at  jcsantos25@msn.com

Todd McCabe, Canada Vice President at todd_mccabe23@hotmail.com

We hope to have a complete listing of our “Qualifiers” available by mid February.

ISC Executive Director at iscfastpitch@gmail.com