August 13, 2020 Findlay, OH – The International Softball Congress (ISC) is pleased to announce that players Ryan Wolfe and Gerald Muizelaar have been unanimously elected to the ISC Hall of Fame.

Wolfe, originally from Melbourne, ON and now living in London, is an 11-time ISC All-World player, one of only five in ISC history to have that many selections. He is a seven-time ISC World Champion. Wolfe starred for Broken Bow Travellers for many years in the 2000s, winning three championships, before joining the Kitchener Rivershark Twins to win another two at the end of the decade and two more titles with Jarvis Travellers in 2011 and 2012.

When the ballpark conversation turned to who was the best player in the game during the 2000s, Wolfe was at the top of those discussions. He consistently hit for a high average with power – finishing his ISC career with a .331 batting average – was flawless on defense and displayed both speed and smarts on the basepaths.

Nova Scotia native Muizelaar, now resident in Grand Forks, ND, was dominant with blazing speed on his pitches and a devastating change-up. He finished his ISC career with 48 wins, tied for sixth all-time, including an ISC-record 23 in a row in the early 2000s. An eight-time ISC All World player, Muizelaar was named the Most Outstanding Pitcher at three ISC World Tournaments. He won three ISC World Championships with Broken Bow and also pitched with New York Patsy’s and Fargo Kegel Black Knights.

Now the pitching coach with USA Softball, Muizelaar is a featured instructor at ISC tournaments and other events across the continent. Like his long-time teammate Wolfe, Muizelaar was right in the conversation for the best in the world during his prime.

“Ryan is the best centerfielder I’ve seen. He was smart, smooth and effortlessly made all the plays while being a great teammate off and on the field and was a positive influence on everyone he came into contact with,” said Hall of Fame manager Steve Kooser, who managed both Wolfe and Muizelaar at Broken Bow. “Gerald is a smart, tough, fiery competitor and led Bow to several championships. He was always there for us and it was a pleasure to have him on our teams.”

The pair will be inducted into the ISC Hall of Fame at the 2021 Hall of Fame Breakfast and Induction Ceremony in Kitchener, ON as part of the ISC’s 75th Anniversary. Joining them will be Chris Miljavac, Todd Garcia, Scott Standerfer and Jimmy Doyle, as their 2020 induction was delayed.

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Larry Fisher
ISC Executive Director

February 21, 2020  – The ISC is saddened by the death of Daniel Dolan Sr, founder of Dolan & Murphy Real Estate in Aurora, IL, and long-time sponsor of the eponymous team.
The Dolan family were recipients of the Bob Welby Memorial Recognition of Service Award at the 2016 ISC Hall of Fame Ceremony in Moline, IL.
We send our condolences to all members of the Dolan family along with all the members of the Dolan & Murphy team.

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The ISC is saddened by the death of former President and Executive Director Ken Hackmeister, who passed away yesterday in Farmington, Utah at the age of 78. We offer our deepest condolences to Ken’s wife Les and their family. 

Following a two-year term as President, Ken served as Executive Director of the ISC for 10 years, from 2002 through 2012, bringing the ISC into the modern era.

Several innovations came under Ken’s watch as Executive director, including the PRAWN system to attempt to equalize talent, the broadening of the ISC’s international exposure with players from Latin and South America becoming mainstays, joining the influx of Kiwis and Aussies, and the addition of the ISC II division which extended ISC play into additional talent realms.

He oversaw a significant turnover in ISC personnel through the early 2000s, bringing many key influencers into the organization that continue his legacy of supporting the ISC and men’s fastpitch softball.

For years, Ken was the managing editor of the ISC World Championship Guide, one of the key annual collectibles for fans of the game.

All told, Ken served the ISC for 38 years in various capacities. Among his many notable ISC accomplishments:
• Appointed ISC Travel League Commissioner for Utah in 1980.
• Developed ISC souvenir merchandise program beginning in 1988.
• Began ISC umpire apparel program in 1989.
• Started ISC presence at annual Super Show (sporting goods) in 1989 to obtain new  sponsorships for ISC activities.
• Tournament Director, 1992 ISC World Tournament and arranged national network television of 1992 ISC World Tournament.
• Inducted into ISC Hall of Fame in 1996 during 50th anniversary ISC world tournament in  Kimberly, WI.
• In 1999, appointed ISC Executive Director Designate to begin official duties in September 2001.
• Following untimely death of ISC President Bob Welby in September 1999, was elected ISC President to complete Bob’s term through 2001.

Ken’s fastpitch playing career began in 1959 in Pocatello, ID, following the typical baseball activities of an 18-year-old. American Legion baseball was over, high school baseball was over, collegiate baseball was dropped by Idaho StateCollege (ISC, ironically) and two friends enticed him into playing fastpitch softball to fill the void.

He played in Pocatello through the early 60’s when his job transferred him to Los Angeles in 1963. In the LA area, he played for a team based in LaHabra, CA until 1968 when he moved to Utah to become an insurance agent in Bountiful, just outside Salt Lake City.

He didn’t play the ’68 season, opting to concentrate on his new insurance business but began playing again in 1969 with 2 different teams in 2 leagues. Ken’s defensive catching skills were quickly noticed and he gradually moved up the ranks to better and better teams, ultimately playing at the highest level for teams such as Sizzler, Dunn Oil, Tri Arc and Larry H. Miller Toyota, where he finished his playing career in 1987.

While still playing, in 1974 he was asked to become a member of the Valley Sports Assn., a volunteer group of mostly players and managers, who organized and staged all softball tournaments for Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation. That was the start of a more than 40-year involvement as a softball administrator.

International Experience
• Coached Boys 18U and Men’s “A” teams in several Canadian tournaments
• Coached against teams from Canada, New Zealand, Taiwan and Mexico
• Coached in two ISC North American Championship Tournaments
• Played in 12 ISC World Tournaments
• Played against numerous New Zealand teams on 3-week tour in 1988
• Played in several Canadian invitationals (1972 – 1987)
• Named head coach of USA Junior Men’s team for 1997 ISF Championship but had to withdraw due to work commitment at Disney.

National Championship Playing Experience
• Played in 11 ASA men’s major national tournaments 1976-1987.
• Played in 12 ISC World Tournaments 1976-1987.

National Championship Coaching Experience
• Coached 12 ASA Boys National Tournaments from 1982-1994. During this span, Ken’s various boys teams achieved 2 Championships, 2 Runner Up, 2-3rd Place, 2-4th Place and 2-5th Place finishes. Ken’s boys program had teams in 23, 18, 16 and 14U age groups.

Championship Tournaments – Tournament Director
• From 1974 through 1994, 8 ASA National Tournaments, 2 ISC World/North American Championship Tournaments and 2 NAFA World Series.

Special Events and Activities
• Coached championship team in 1989 ASA Hall of Fame Boys Tournament.
• As business manager for Larry Miller Toyota team, handled administrative duties for their participation in 3 US Olympic Festivals
• Tournament Director for 3 Utah Summer Games fastpitch events for men, women, boys and girls.
• Coordinated local appearances of teams from New Zealand, Taiwan, Canada and Mexico.
• In 1993-94, obtained a 10,000 square foot warehouse for indoor winter clincs and practices. Facility had 16 pitching lanes, 2 batting cages, soft toss/tee area and a full size infield.
• Coordinated the 1988 New Zealand tour (3 weeks) for the Larry Miller Toyota team and a group of 40.
• Served as Tournament Director of over 150 invitational tournaments.
• From 1975-1986, wrote a weekly softball column for the Salt Lake Tribune.
• From 1979-1996, served as business manager for the top Salt Lake men’s team. From 1974-2001, served as founder and tournament director for Salt Lake’s Pioneer Days tournament.
• In 1982, co-founded the Salt Lake boys fastpitch program with program sponsor, Carl Hansen, owner of Page Brake. Program functioned continually through the 1996 season, returning to win an ISC II championship in 2017.
• In 1984, organized the Utah Softball Hall of Fame. Initial induction ceremony had 44 inductees covering over 50 years of Utah softball.
• In 1982 and 1991, honored by Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau for organizing and obtaining a variety of international, national and invitational tournaments to Salt Lake City, bringing in thousands of visitors to the area.
• In 1996, hired by Walt Disney Co. as the first Softball Operations Manager for the newly built Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex at Disney World in Florida.
• Helped to run the highly successful AAU tournament at Disney in the 2000s.

Ken’s obituary can be read at 

Photo by Maddy Flanagan

August 13, 2019  –  Denmark, WI – The International Softball Congress (ISC) is pleased to announce that players Chris Miljavac and Todd Garcia, manager Scott Standerfer and Michigan fastpitch stalwart Jimmy Doyle were elected to the ISC Hall of Fame today at the annual ISC Board of Directors meeting.

Chris Miljavac, the 2002 ISC MVP, is a four-time All-World player including 2008 when he was the leading hitter. He was a standout on several mid-west teams including World Champions St. Joseph’s Frontier Casino Players in 2002.

Todd Garcia, a two-time All-World player, was a leader on the World Champions Tampa Bay Smokers in the mid-late 1990s, as well as with Decatur Pride in the early 90s and several west coast teams in the 2000s.

Scott Standerfer currently manages the Circle Tap Dukes taking them to a franchise-best second place finish in the ISC World Tournament in 2018. In the past, he managed County Materials, who won every major tournament they entered in 2006, the second of their back-to-back ISC World Championship seasons. Standerfer also managed Decatur Pride, along with past teams such as Peoria River City Rage.

Jimmy Doyle was a fastpitch legend in Michigan. He helped many teams from Michigan participate in ISC World Tournaments over several decades, conducting clinics and introducing many individuals to the game who would go on to be ISC players.

The four will be inducted into the ISC Hall of Fame at the 2020 ISC World Tournament in Moline, IL next August.

For additional information, please contact

Robert Gray
ISC Hall of Fame Committee Chairman

The ISC is saddened by the passing of Hall of Famer Rod Peterson, owner, sponsor, manager and player with The Farm Tavern, of Madison, Wisconsin.

Rod bought The Farm Tavern in 1975 and his teams were a fixture among the best in the world with three ISC Championships to their credit, in 1997, 1999 and 2008. He was inducted into the ISC Hall of Fame as field manager in 1994.

The 1997 championship was described by Peterson as “the greatest thrill I’d ever had in my life,” an experience celebrated by “drinking champagne out of cups and dancing at a club until 4:00 am, It was quite an ordeal.”

The Farm had 14 Final Four finishes between 1982 – 2008, a remarkable run of consistency, including 12 times in 13 seasons from 1996 – 2008.

Peterson was drawn to the game by a friend in the early 1960’s. He became a first baseman,and in 1966 he became manager of the Music Box Tavern team in the Madison city recreation league. That role fit him just fine and it has fit so very well ever since. The indelible image of the powerfully built Peterson, hat pulled down over his eyes, with an intense and competitive visage strolling to the coaching box or to the mound is one that every follower of the top levels of the game knows very well.

He has seen, managed, or opposed all of the great ones over the many decades of the game, including Paul Algar, Korrey Gareau, Peter Meredith, Todd Martin and Kevin Herlihy among many who donned the Farm colors, while Colin Abbott and Tim Wahl were among the top Farm hitters and each captured ISC MVP Awards playing for Peterson.

In 2008, Peterson reflected on what he would tell his younger self “I would tell him if he’s in it for the long haul, he must be honest and loyal to his ball players. Treat every player the same. If you get a bad apple, get rid of him as soon as possible since one player can ruin a whole club. Be sure to get every guy on the roster playing time so that every player is contributing to what you are trying to do – – – win championships! And listen to your players – – someone might have a better idea than you. I tell my players I will listen to you and think about it, and if I feel it is a good idea, I will try it. But they must know that the final decision has to be the manager’s – – that a ball club is the biggest dictatorship you will ever see. There are no team votes; there has to be one man running the show. And if you are fair, nobody has a problem with it. Also when it comes to World or National tournaments, the manager has a responsibility to all players to put the best team on the field. You can’t be worried about someone’s feelings then. And lastly, don’t give up on a player because he has a bad year. Just about every player has a bad year now and then. I think some managers give up on some players too soon.”

In the long and storied history of the International Softball Congress, and it’s forerunners, the National Softball Congress and the International Softball League, the common denominator is a World Tournament Champion crowned at the end of the top men’s fastpitch tournament in the game.

Take a trip down memory lane to see the 1955 – 1956 & 1957 ISL Champion Nitehawks, Long Beach, CA, Fresno, CA.

In the long and storied history of the International Softball Congress, and it’s forerunners, the National Softball Congress and the International Softball League, the common denominator is a World Tournament Champion crowned at the end of the top men’s fastpitch tournament in the game.

As the ISC builds towards its 75th Anniversary in 2021, we are showcasing photos of our championship teams on the ISC website at on a new Past Champions page. Each photo is scanned from the original, which was originally housed at the ISC Hall of Fame, formerly in Kimberly, Wisconsin and now featured online.
Take a trip down memory lane to see the first NSC champions from 1947, Farm Fresh Market from Phoenix, Arizona and in the coming weeks we’ll be featuring a new championship team photo every few days. 

January 1. 2019  –  The ISC is saddened at the loss one of its “All-Time” pitching greats, pitcher KG Fincher, who passed away yesterday, on New Year’s Eve. Fincher hailed originally from the San Diego area, and resided in Tuscon, Arizona.

Inducted into the ISC Hall of Fame in 1986 his Hall of Fame bio can be viewed at:



August 14, 2018 – Kitchener, ON  – The International Softball Congress is pleased to announce that five individuals have been elected to it’s Hall of Fame, including three players, one field manager and one sponsor.

August 14, 2018 – Kitchener, ON The International Softball Congress is pleased to announce that five individuals have been elected to it’s Hall of Fame, including three players, one field manager and one sponsor.

Korrey Gareau, of Cobble Hill, BC,is among the top 10 pitchers in wins in the ISC World Tournament with 40. He was named to seven ISC   All World teams and was the winner of the Leroy Zimmerman Most Outstanding Pitcher Award in 2007, winning the ISC World Tournament with The Farm Tavern team from Madison, WI.

Patrick Shannon, of Auckland, NZ, is a 10-time ISC All World player and a four-time ISC World Champion with Marathon, WI County Materials in 2005-06 and with Kitchener, ON Rivershark Twins in 2008-09.

Jimmy Wana, of Wellington, NZ, pitched for the powerhouse Penn Corp teams of Sioux City, IA in the late 1980s and early 1990s. A three-time ISC All World pitcher, Wana (formerly Seaman) won four ISC World Tournament championships and won the Leroy Zimmerman Award as Most Outstanding Pitcher as 19-year-old in 1988.

Terry Baytor, of London, ON, managed teams in 11 seasons in ISC World Tournament play, compiling a 61-16 record for a .792 winning percentage, winning four championships, three with the Toronto Gators and one with the Tampa Bay Smokers.

Darren Derricks, of Green Bay, WI is a longtime sponsor of the Circle Tap Dukes team based out of Denmark, WI. Darren has been involved in ISC events for almost 30 years as a player and team sponsor, for a time sponsoring two teams. Circle Tap is the host organization for the 2019 ISC World Tournament. Darren will receive the Bob Welby Memorial Recognition of Service Award.

All five individuals will be inducted into the ISC Hall of Fame during the annual Breakfast and Induction Ceremony which will be held in Denmark, WI at the 2019 ISC World Tournament.

For more information, please contact

Larry Fisher

ISC Executive Director

July 18, 2018 –  On Sunday morning August 12, the International Softball Congress Hall of Fame will host its annual induction breakfast at the Holiday Inn Ballroom, 30 Fairway Road South, Kitchener.

The Class of 2018 induction will be held as part of the ISC Championships and build on the successes of the previous Hall of Fame celebrations that have been held annually since the initial induction in 1965. This is the 5th time that the event will be hosted in Kitchener, ON.

The complete Media Release can be viewed at: