Just a few hours to the start of ‪#‎ISCWT2015‬ in South Bend! Here’s the ISC Network broadcast schedule.

All games are streamed free-of-charge thanks to our title sponsor First Nations Payments. Don’t forget to join us every night at the conclusion of play for our daily wrap up show Live from the Press Box! To watch, click on the ISC Network logo on the ISC home page at www.iscfastpitch.org

Sun 9:15 am ISC Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Sun 1 pm Peligro Gremlins vs Dolan & Murphy
Sun 3 pm Hill United Chiefs vs Shakespeare/Bar winner
Sun 5:30 pm Opening Ceremonies
Sun 6:30 pm NY Gremlins vs Tavistock/Threshers winner
Sun 8:30 pm Kitchener Hallman Twins vs Dodgers/Axemen winner
Mon 2 pm G46
Mon 4 pm G47
Mon 6:30 pm G49
Mon 8:30 pm G51
Tue 6:30 pm G61
Tue 8:30 pm G62
Wed 6:30 pm G63
Wed 6:30 pm G64
Thu 4 pm ISC II Final
Thu 6:30 pm G73
hu 8:30 pm G74
Fri 12 pm G75
Fri 2 pm G76
Fri 4 pm G77
Fri 6 pm G78
Fri 8 pm G79 Winners Bracket Final
Sat 12 pm G80
Sat 2 pm G81 Losers Bracket Final
Sat 4 pm Legends Final
Sat 7 pm G82 ISC Championship Game

Joe Todd SIG