December 3, 2020 Philadelphia, PA – Heading into 2021 the ISC’s Carrol Forbes Foundation (CFF) is committed to co-sponsoring pitching clinics and helping to fund youth development programs to invest in the future of our great sport of fastball.  

Greg Nydick, chair of the ISC’s CFF committee, says event directors should contact him to apply for sponsorship with the following information:
· Date, location, and description of the clinic
· Number of participants, ages and skill level the event is geared toward
· Instructor(s)
· Total cost for the clinic, as well as the sponsorship amount requested from the CFF

The CFF was established in 1995 in memory of ISC Founder Carrol Forbes with the purpose of funding youth development programs to invest in the game’s future. To date, the CFF has approved over $14,000 on youth development.  

For the 12-month period ending September 20, 2020, the CFF approved and spent $3,650 in the following ways:

· $2,000 to produce Pitching Fundamentals Videos available on the ISC’s YouTube page (
· $650 to co-sponsor a Pitching Clinic with USA Softball in Florida in January 2020
· $1,000 in College Scholarships

If you are interested in the CFF’s help with funding a clinic, please contact Greg Nydick for consideration. The CFF looks forward to helping people already doing great work to grow the game of fastball.

Greg Nydick
Chair, ISC CFF Committee