March 8, 2016 – The Lights Went Out in Georgia–  After failing to confirm a number of entries from some states, a number of adjustments in the team counts for these states were made.  Hence “The Lights Went Out in Georgia”.

The “North America Un-Official Team Count” page has also been revised to reflect the number of teams – REPORTED – per state/province.

This project was started in November of 2015, in attempt to locate where and who was still playing men’s fastptich softball in North America. The guidelines were simply that the teams had to be playing “organized” men’s fastpitch, regardless of the level or whether or not the team was affiliated with any organization.  With the help of a number of good “Men’s Fastpitch People” this list had grown from 193 teams in the USA to over 670 teams in the USA and over 590 in Canada.

The growth of this list could not have been possible and we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the people who submitted the information, those people are: Adam Brown, Bill Sherman, Blair Setford. Bob Otto, CB Barton, Chris Hopewell, Clint Dale, Craig Donaldson, David Lach, Darrin Kennedy, Dave Parker, Del Benson, Derek Mayson, Dirk McCall, Eric Lewis, Evan Taypotat, Frank Hendrick, Gary Baughman, Greg Adler, Gregg Leather, Jim Williamson, Jimmy Nevin, Joe Regan, Justin Zimmerman, Keith Erkenbrack, Keith Miller, Kelly Freed, Larry Eftink, Matt Miller, Matt Peterson, Mike Sunderland, Natalie Randall, Rick Holley, Ron Foster, Steve Black, Tom Crouch, Tony Dickson.