The International Softball Congress held its annual Board of Directors meeting at the 2021 ISC World Tournament in Eldridge, IA.

With the upheaval caused by the global health pandemic, the Board determined that no rules changes was the most prudent course of action to ensure stability for ISC teams for 2022.

A reminder to all teams the PRAWN list from 2019 will be in effect for the 2022 season.

It was agreed that ISC officers would serve on the Executive Committee for another year before elections will be held in 2022.

The ISC is pleased to make the following announcements:

  • a two-year extension provided to ISC Executive Director Larry Fisher
  • the appointment of three new regional commissioners:
  • Bill Berkenpas, Holland, MI US East
  • Brett  Legler, Chanhassen MN US Central
  • Joe Quick, Walcott, IA US Central

For additional information, please contact:

Blair Setford
ISC VP Communications & Operations
blairjs [at]